Black Box Academy News


Oct 28, 2018
This summer Black Box Academy of Art and Technology is conducting "Animathon Camp 2018" at the Black Box premises in Lalitpur for students ages 14+. This 3 week camp focuses on an introduction to 2D/3D character creation and movement and will be geared towards AR lenses for Android and iOS, similar to ones used by Snapchat and Facebook.

This year's theme is "Mixed Reality", which focuses towards providing students a taste of the Animation and Gaming skills currently being used in the industry with the hope to provide guidance if the students are interested in pursuing a career within such programs, both locally or abroad. Students will be guided by specialists for 3 hours daily where they will participate in different creative art tutorials, augmented reality intros and programming sessions. At the end of the 3 week camp the students will have perfected their skills or begun to learn the basics of Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, Lens Studio and Maya 3D. Overall our aim is to provide skill development while also creating work the kids can use in their portfolios or their everyday social life. This summer camp is meant for everyone, students that have never been introduced to such technology and also kids that want to open their minds to things beyond what they already know.