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Computer Animation and visual Effects
This course emphasis on the production and technical implementation of digital assets and software relevant to animation and film effects production. This Diploma will produce graduates able to work in a range of environments including film, television, computer games, advertising and product visualization, 3D modeler, 2D/3D animator, 3D visualiser, VFX artists and technician, compositor and individual studio owners.

The course allows students to build a sound base of the conceptual & technical core set of skills in the creation of digital assets in 2D and 3D environments for an output of computer-generated imaging across different platforms. The course proceeds with a profound base line art of sketching and pre-production. The progressive training develops the idea of digital painting, matte painting, chroma removal, camera maneuver. 3D workflow breaks down 3D assets for 2D texture application including advanced 3D lighting technique and Shading, digitally painting a UV map for application and implementing a dynamic system with a bottom idea of particle collisions for 3d crowd simulation, 3D fluid effects setup using Industry standard plug-in and latest software’s.

Compositing the rendered computer-generated imagery and matchmoving with a 3d camera generated by 3d track points from tracking application which incorporates Film Footage and live action footage shot by students. With the completion of the course, you will embark upon a self-directed project bringing your knowledge and skills together. The eighteen months program provides the opportunity to step into the industry with an internship programme which leads to improved performance to move ahead in your career after graduation.

Course Module
  • Introduction to Art and Design
  • Introduction to visual Storytelling
Studio Practice
  • Asset Building
  • Animation
  • Lighting and texturing
Visual Effects
  • Compositing / Editing - Basic to Advance
  • Keying
  • 2D / 3D Tracking
  • FX