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Advance Integrated Animation
To master the art and technique of 3D animation, you need to start with solid foundation. Our course at Black Box Academy of Art and Technology commences by providing an introduction to 2D animation principles through our widely acclaimed Black Box Academy foundation programme. Students' progress to advanced computer based animation and 3D digital art using Autodesk Maya: Industry leading 3D software tool. Advance Animation Course will train you in the art of discipline of animation principles and 3D design.

The course has been structures to reflect the variety of areas within the industry and blends creativity using cutting edge technology and is taught in an environment that closely reflects industrial practices with a professional set up.

After learning foundational art and computer animation skills and exploring a variety of 3D disciplines, the students proceed to specialize in 3D Animation. This includes the study of disciplines such as Storyboarding, Art Direction, Character Design, 3D Lighting & Texturing and 3D Animation. You will then, with the guidance of instructors and industry mentors, develop a complete animated film, from concept development through the process of animation, lighting, texturing, rendering and sound. Animated showreel is the final step to your career as an Artist.

Course Module
  • Introduction to Art and Design
  • Introduction to visual Storytelling
Studio Practice
  • Asset Building
  • Animation
  • Lighting and texturing