Diploma Programme

Advanced Integrated Animation (AIA)

To master the art and technique of 3D animation, you need to start with solid foundation. Our course at Black Box Academy of Art and Technology commences by providing an introduction to 2D animation principles through our widely acclaimed Black Box Academy foundation programme. 

Students' progress to advanced computer based animation and 3D digital art using Autodesk Maya: Industry leading 3D software tool. Advance Animation Course will train you in the art of discipline of animation principles and 3D design.

The course culminates in workshops conducted in Stop Motion and students then learn to integrate the asset into Unreal Engine using Epic's free assets and assets created in Maya.

Computer Animation and Visual Effects (CAVE)

This course emphasis on the production and technical implementation of digital assets and software relevant to animation and film effects production. This Diploma will produce graduates able to work in a range of environments including film, television, computer games, advertising and product visualization, 3D modeler, 2D/3D animator, 3D visualiser, VFX artists and technician, compositor and individual studio owners.

Recent News

  • Visit to SENECA COLLEGE Jul 4, 2023
    A fruitful meeting with Mark Jones and Mr.Prashant Srivastava to explore possibilities of collaboration between Seneca College , Toronto, CANADA and BlackBox Academy , Kathmandu, NEPAL.
  • Visit to SideFX Jul 4, 2023

    Met Mr. Kim Davidson, the think-tank behind the epic visual effects software - Houdini. BlackBox will train Nepalese students in Houdini with technical assistance from SideFX , the company that built amazing software.

  • Meeting John Buckley Aug 19, 2019
    John Buckley, CEO MovieTech at Pinewood Studios, UK
    Filmography: Avatar, Transformer: The Last Knight, 13 Hours, Green Lantern

    Mark Thurstan, Group Operations Director, Panavision, EMEA.

    Ken Ashley Johnson, Chairman, Grips Branch , UK
    Filmography: Test Case (2019), London 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony,  MTV Europe Music Awards 2011, Stevie Wonder: Live at Last, Madonna: Confessions
    Tour Live from London
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