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The animation industry is multi-faceted and requires various kinds of artists to suit in any full-fledged 2D /3D animated productions – such as pre-production artists, storyboarders, layout artists, scanner operators, modelers, texturers, light rendering professionals, riggers, character animators, matte painters, roto artists, compositors, and SFX artists which is just to name a few in a ever growing environment. The gaming industry has absorbed these animators for their creations, where they work side by side with game developers to achieve their visions. The game industry is now a multi-billion dollar marketplace that is searching for talent, trying to rival their competitors in new innovations.

Animation and Game Development has become a viable and mainstream career option today. For somebody looking to choose a suitable field, both offer a bright future. BlackBox Academy has strategic working collaboration with studios across Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, India and Nepal. Our Academy of Art and Technology ensures that students find a foothold into the industry through various internship programmes within our Partner studios.