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BA (Hons) - Animation

Animators breathe life into stories, making even the simplest line drawing magically come alive, and engaging anyone in a language that is understood by all.
On this course you become familiar with the techniques, principles and skills that open up the world of animation. You learn to create the illusion of motion – using time, sound and form to bring images, ideas and stories to life. You take complex information and use both traditional mediums as well as new technologies to assemble meaningful narratives. Build on your critical and analytical skills. Develop your individual voice as well as your expertise
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BSc (Hons) - Computer Games Design & Development

The BSc Games Design & Development degree equips you with the skills needed to follow a career in games development or in the wider IT industry.
The course covers the techniques used to create computer games, including the relevant theory & practice from Computer Science & Software Engineering.

Provides you with an understanding of how games are designed & developed in addition to the transferable knowledge & skills you can take forward in your career as games technology advances.
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Recent News

  • test Aug 19, 2019
    John Buckley, CEO MovieTech at Pinewood Studios, UK
    Filmography: Avatar, Transformer: The Last Knight, 13 Hours, Green Lantern

    Mark Furssedonn, Group Operations Director, Panavision, EMEA.

    Ken Ashley Johnson, Chairman, Grips Branch , UK
    Filmography: Test Case (2019), London 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony,  MTV Europe Music Awards 2011, Stevie Wonder: Live at Last, Madonna: Confessions
    Tour Live from London
  • Animathon - Your window to the Animation World Jul 24, 2019

    Second edition of Animathon training was held at premises of BlackBox Academy for students of Himlayan College of Engineering. 52 students graduated from the training.

    This two months course focuses on an introduction to 2D/3D character creation and movement and is geared towards AR lenses for Android and iOS, similar to ones used by Snapchat and Facebook.

    This course focuses towards providing students with a taste of the Animation and Gaming skills currently being used in the industry with the hope to provide guidance if the students are interested in pursuing a career within such programs. Students were guided by specialists for 2 hours daily where they participated in different creative art tutorials, augmented reality intros and programming sessions. At the end the students had perfected their skills or begun to learn the basics of Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, Lens Studio and Maya 3D. 

    This course is meant for everyone, students that have never been introduced to such technology and also to those who want to open their mind to things beyond what they already know.

  • Interview at Sujhaab Chautaari Oct 28, 2018
    Pioneering Animation Industry in Nepal: Artist-Entrepreneur Suyogya Man TuladharSuyogya Man Tuladhar is founder and CEO of Black Box Academy of Art and Technology. Black Box Academy provides Bachelor degrees and Diploma programs in Animation and Game Design.

    Suyogya is one of the pioneers in establishing the modern animation industry in Nepal. He has been working in the creative industry for the last seventeen years, starting as a textile designer and then heading various technological and creative enterprises. In 2007, he partnered to set-up Incessant Rain Animation Studios, an exemplary initiative from Nepal, that worked with international studios such as Columbia Pictures, Sony, Nickelodeon, Disney TV, and Paramount Pictures. Under his leadership, his studio has done visual effects for more than 200 films.

    In this podcast interview, we talk to Suyogya Man Tuladhar about his journey into animation industry of Nepal and about the animation industry itself, as he is one of the pioneering veterans in the field. He shares that he started BlackBox Academy after he identified the need for an academic institution for animation since we, as a nation, lack qualified animation professionals. Lack of critical mass of professionals limits our possibilities regarding what we can do as an individual studio and what we can do as a national industry. He gives examples of India, Philippines, and Vietnam and emphasizes how entrepreneurs and government need to understand the potential of the animation industry. Though having successfully led various ventures, his ultimate dream is to see Nepali animation industry delivering world-class original projects. Both an entrepreneur and artist at heart, he is optimistic and believes that we have all the necessary ingredients to realize that dream. Nepal is a youth-centric country and we have diverse cultures rich with stories told to us by our grandparents through generations. He wants to dedicate himself in creating this ecosystem where our youth can animate our own stories.
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